Sunday 7 August 2016

08.00 - 17.00 Room: Trajectum - Lobby ¦ Booth setup
15.30 - 18.30 Room: Trajectum - Expo Foyer ¦ Registration and Poster boarding
18.30 - 20.00 Room: Trajectum ¦ Welcome reception


Monday 8 August 2016 

08.30 - 08.40 Room: Auditorium 1: Opening Ceremony
08.40 - 09.00 Room: Auditorium 1: Louise Fresco (Wageningen University & Research, NL) Photosynthesis in a changing world
09.00 - 09.30 Room: Auditorium 1: Winner of the lifetime award: Jean-David Rochaix (University of Geneva, CH) The last secrets of the chloroplast genome
09.30 - 10.00 Coffee break - Trajectum / Lobby
10.00 - 12.30

Paralllel Symposia

Session: Light harvesting and its regulation Part 1

Room: Auditorium 1
Chair/Discussion Leader:
Roberto Bassi (Univ. Verona, IT)

Paralllel Symposia

Session: Rubisco and photorespiration

Room: Auditorium 2
Chair/Discussion leader:
Martin Parry (Lancaster Univ. UK)

Paralllel Symposia

Session: Monitoring and modelling photosynthesis at the global scale

Room: 0.4
Chair/Discussion leader:
Joe Berry (Carnegie, US)


Paralllel Symposia

Session: Evolution of photosynthesis

Room: 0.5
Chair/Discussion leader:
Debashish Bhattacharya (Rutgers Univ. US)

10.00 - 10.25

Dan Caniffe (Penn State Univ., USA)

A paralog of a Photosystem II ore subunit is the light-dependent chorophyl f synthase (ChIF)

Hermann Bauwe (Univ. Rostock, DE)

The interplay between photospiration, the Calvin-Benson cycle and other metabolism.

Uwe Rasher (Forschungsz. Jülich, DE)

The FLEX satellite mission - Imaging and understanding sub-induced fluorescence from the single leaf to the satellite.


Steven Ball (Univ. Lille/CNRS, FR)

Was the chamydial adaptive strategy to tryp

10.25 - 10.50

Alexander Ruban (Q Mary, London, UK)

Regulation of light harvesting in plants: mechanism and efficiency

Whitney Spencre (ANU Camberra, AU)

Improvind plant photosynthesis and growth via Rubisco engineering.

Max Gorbunov (Rutgers Univ. US)

Photosysnthesis in the global ocean from space.

J. Clark Lagarias (UC David, US)

Evolution of Bilin-Based photoreceptor for regulation and optimalization of energy harvesting.


10.50 - 11.05

Stefano Caffarri (Univ. Aix-Marseille, FR)

hlamydomonas reinhardtii PsbS is functional and accumulates rapidly and transiently under hight light.

Laura Gunn (Uppsala Univ. SE)

A unique Large-subunit loop acts as an in-built Small-subunits in Rubisci from Methanoccocides burtonii.

Christiaan van der Tol (Twente Univ. NL)

Chlorophyll fluorescence and hyperspectral reflectance as remote sensin measures of photosynthesis.


Tanai Cardona (Imperial Coll. London, UK)

Timing the origin of the Mn4Ca05 cluster of Photosystem II.

11.05 - 11.20

Lijin Tian (VU Amsterdam, NL)

LHCSR1 induces a fast and reversible pH dependent fluorescence quenching in LHCII in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cells

Rebekka Wachter (ASU Tempe, US)

Assembly and regulation of higher plant Rubisco Activase.

Atsuko Kanazawa (MSU, US)

Corelspeq and Photosynq: An open field-distrubitable platform for probing Coral photosynthesis and health on local and global scales.


John Allen (UC London, UK)

Properties if a conserved two-component transcriptional redox regulatory system in cyanobacteria and chloroplasts.

11.20 - 11.35

Alizee Malnoe (UC Berkeley, USA)

The chloroplastic lipocalin in involved in a sustained photoprotective mechanism regulated by the Suppressor of Quenching 1 protein in Arabidobsis thaliana.

Devendra Shivhare (Nanyang Tech.Univ., SG)

Insights into Rubisco activase mechanism abd thermostability gleaned from bioprospecting.

Rhys Wyber (Wollongon Univ. AU)

Daily solar induced fluorescence reflects electron transport rates and nonphotochemical quenching in two plant species.

Alessandro Alboresi (Univ. Padova, IT)

Structural and functional analysis if PSI-LHC of Nannochloropsis ganditana revealed specific adaptation of the photosynthesis apparatus in a secondary endosymbiont alga.


11.40 - 12.30 Discussion: Light harvesting and its regulation: eukaryots. Discussion: Rubisco and potorespiration

Discussion: Monitoring and modelling photosynthesis at the global scale.

Discussion: Evolution of photosynthesis.
12.30 - 13.30  Lunch break - Trajectum / Lobby
13.30 - 16.00

Paralllel Symposia

Session: Chloroplast development and assembly of the photosynthetic apparatus

Room: Auditorium 1
Chair/Discussion leader:
Joerg Nickelsen
(LMU Munich, DE)


Paralllel Symposia

Session: CO2 diffusion and transport

Room: Auditorium 2
Chair/Discussion leader:
Susanne von Caemmerer (AANU, AU)

Paralllel Symposia

Session: Photosynthetic phenomics / phenotyping

Room: 0.4
Chair/Discussion leader:
Jeremy Harbinson (Wageningen UR, NL)

Paralllel Symposia

Session: Engineering new photosynthetic complexes and biohybrids

Room: 0.5
Chair/Discussion leader:
Raoul Frese (VU Amsterdam, NL)

13.30 - 13.55

Joseph Komenda (CAS, CZ)

Mechanisms protecting the Photosystem  II assembly process in cyanobacteria.


John Evans (ANU, AU)

CO2 diffusion and transport within leaves during photosynthesis. 

Bart Nicolai (KU Leuven, BE)

X-ray and neutron microtomography for visualising leaf anatomy in 3-D.

Joanna Kargul (Warsaw Univ., PL)

Nanoengineering the interfaces in PSI-based solar-to-fuel devices and biophotodiodes.

13.55 - 14.20

Francis-André Wollmann (CNRS, FR)

The role of FtsH in the accomulation and assembly of thylokoid membrane proteins.

Tracy Lawson (Essex Univ. UK)

Effects of fluctuating light on photosynthesis and stomatal behaviour impacts on carbon gain and water use efficiency.

Jeff Cruz (MSI, US)

High throughput phenotyping og photosynthesis to identify relevant quantitative trait loci abd underlying genes in Arabidopsis thaliana.


Dror Noy (Migal-Galilee RL)

The water-soluble chlorophyll binding proteins from brassicaceae, a novel building block and template for designing chlorophyll-protein light harvesting arrays.

14.20 - 14.35

Melissa Roth (UC Berkley, US)

A molecular switch for oxygenic photosynthesis and metabolism in a unicellular green alga.

Guilaume Théroux-Rancourt (UC Davis, US)

Structural control of the light response of mesophyll conductance across leaf profiles.

Mark Aarts (Wageningen UR, NL)

High trhoughput phenotyping of photosynthesis to identify relevant quantitative trait loci and underlaying genes in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Michael Jones (Bristol Univ. UK)

Developments in the self-assembly of biohybrid materials employing purple bacterial reaction centres for solar energy conversion.


14.35 - 14.50

Jianfeng Yu (Imperial Coll. London, UK)

Structural and functional analysis of the conserved Ycf48 protein involved in the assembly and repair of Photosystem II 

Bernard Genty (CEA/CNRS, FR)

The contribution of cytosolic carbonic anhydrase activity in facilitating CO2 transport in mesophyll.

Onno Muller (Forschungsz. Jülich, DE)

Photosynthetic phenotyping in the field and greenhouse using the Light Induced Fluorescence Transient (LIFT) method with multiple positioning systems.


Alistair Laos (UNSW, AU)

Cooperative subunit refolding of a light harvesting protein through a self-chaperone mechanism.

14.50 - 15.05

Sonja Begner (MPI-Golm, DE)

Functional characterization of the plastid-encoded Psal subunit of Photosystem I in tobacco.

Asaph Cousins (WSU, US)

Temperature response of mesophyll conductance in three C4 species.

Riichi Oguichi (Tohoku Univ., JP)

Causes of errors in the estimation of photosynthetic activity of higher plant leaves using conventional chlorophyll fluorometers.


Dan Kallmann (Technio, IIT, IL)

A complete Bio-Photo_electro-Chemical cell: From cyanoacteria to a hydrogenase thru an alternative Z scheme.

15.10 - 16.00

Discussion: Chloroplast development and assembly of the photosynthetic appratuss.


 Discussion: CO diffusion and transport.


Discussion: Photosynthetic phenomics /phenothyping.


Discussion: Engineering new photosynthetic complexes and biohybrids.


16.00 - 16.30  Coffee break - Trajectum / Lobby
16.30 - 17.00  Room: Auditorium1: Chris Bpwler (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, FR) Tara Oceans: Eco-system Biology at Planetary Scale
17.00 - 17.30  Room: Auditorium 1: Mei Li (Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, CN) Strctural analysis of plant photosystem II supercomplex
17.30 - 19.00  Room: Expo Foyer ¦ Poster viewing


Tuesday 9 August 2016

08.30 - 09.00     Room: Auditorium 1: Ron Milo (Weizmann Institute, IL) Sugar synthesis from CO2 in E.coli
09.00 - 09.30  Room: Auditorium 1: Diana Kirilovsky (CNRS - CEA - Univ. Paris-Saclay, FR) The Orange Carotenoid protein and Photoprotection in Cyanobacteria
09.30 - 10.00   Coffee break - Trajectum / Lobby
10.00 - 12.30 

Parallel sessions

Session: Water oxidation

Room: Auditorium 1
Chair/Discussion leader:
Robert Burnap (Oklahoma SU, US)

Parallel sessions

Session: Light harvesting and its regulation part 2

Room: Auditorium 2
Chair/Discussion leader:
Robert Blankenship (Washington Univ. in St. Louis, US)


Parallel sessions

Session: Systems biology in photosynthesis

Room: 0.4
Chair/Discussion leader:
Klaas van Wijk (Cornell Univ., US)

Parallel sessions

Session: Regulation of carbon assimilation reactions in C3 systems

Room: 0.5
Chair/Discussion leader:
Christine Raines (Univ. Essex, UK)


10.00 - 10.25 

Richard Debus (UC Riverside, US)

FTIE Studies of Water Oxidation in Photosystem II.

Jürgen Köhler (Univ. Bayreuth, DE)

Structure of Light-Harvesting Aggregates in individual chlorosomes.

Sabeeha Merchant (UCLA, US)

A day in the life of Chlamydomonas.

Stefan Timm (Rostock Univ., DE)

2-Prhosphoglycolate levels adjust the Calvin-Benson Activity and Starch Synthesis under harsh environmental conditions in Arabidopsis.


10.25 - 10.50 

Holger Dau (Free Univ. Berlin, DE)

Protonation synamics in photosynthesis water oxidation.

Donatas Zigmantas (Univ. Lund,SE)

Light harvesting in green sulfur bacteria studied by two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy.

Hiroyuki Ishida (Tohoku Univ. JP)

Autophagy provides substrates to amino acid catabolic pathways as an adaptive response to Sugar starvation in Arabidopsis.

Ken Motohashi (Kyoto Sangyo Univ. JP)

Thioredoxin-depentent redox regulatory system in chloroplasts.


10.50 - 11.05 

Takumi Noguchi (Nagoya Univ. JP)

Monitoring the reaction process during the S2- to S3 transition in photosynthetic water oxodation by time-resolve infrared spectroscopy.

Long-Jiang Yu (Okayama Univ. JP)

Crystal structure of LH1-RC supercomplex from Thermochromatium tepidum at 1.9 A resolution.

Elisa Schulz (MPI-Golm, DE)

Global changes in photosynthetic gene expression and lipid composition during leaf ontogenesis of tobacco.

Lauri Nikkanen (Turku Univ. FL)

Regulation of chloroplast biogenesis, photosynthesis and metabolism by the plastidial thioredoxin network.

11.05 - 11.20 

Dimitros Pantazis (MPI Mülheim, DE)

Interaction of methanol with the oxygen-evolving complex; structural models,species dependence, and mechanistic implications.

Min Chen (Univ. Sydney, AU)

The red-shifted phycobiliprotein complexes.

Lars Scharff (Univ. Copenhagen, DK)

Co-evolution of assembly of photosynthetic omplexes and ribosome pausing. 

Danielle Way (Univ. Western Ontario, CA)

Does improved Rubisco carboxylation efficiency enhance plant growth and performance across a broad CO2 concentration gradient?

11.20 - 11.35 

Jan Kern (Lawrence Berkley NL, US)

Substrate binding to the OEC and mechanism of water oxidation studied by spectroscopy and room temperature is X-ray crystallography of PSII.

Michal Gwizdala (Univ. Pretoria, SA)

Hidden dynamics of phycobilisomes - how their switching depends on illumination.

David Savage (UC Berkley, US)

Fixed: Systems and synthetic biological approaches for improving photosynthesis.

Florian Busch (ANU, AU)

Nitrogen assimilation linked to photorespiration can enhance CO2 assimilation in plants.

11.40 - 12.30  Discussion: Water oxidation. Discussion: Light harvesting and its regulation: prokaryotes. Discussion: Systems biology in photosynthesis. Discussion: Regulation of carbon assimilation reactions in C3 systems.
12.30 - 13.30  Lunch break - Trajectum / Lobby
13.30 - 16.00

Parallel Symposia

Session: Electron and proton transfer in photosynthesis

Room: Auditorium 1
Chair/Discussion leader:
Cornelia Spetea-Wiklund (Univ. Gothenburg, SE)

Parallel Symposia

Session: C4 and CAM

Room: Auditorium 2
Chair/Discussion leader:
Howard Griffiths (Univ. Cambridge, UK)



Parallel Symposia

Discussion: Excitation energy transfer and quantum effects in photosynthesis.

Room: 0.4
Chair/Discussion leader:
Tomas Mancal (Charles Univ. CZ)

Parallel Symposia

Discussion: Stress, ecophysiology and biodiversity

Room: 0.5
Chair/Discussion leader:
Hendrik Poorter (Forschungsz. Jülich, DE)

13.30 - 13.55 

Han Bao (Oklahoma SU, US)

Mutations disturbing water cluster adter the kinetics of the final steps of water oxidation in PSII.


Erika Edwards (Brown Univ. US)

The distinct evolutionary dynamics of C4 and CAM photosynthesis.

Greg Scholes (Princeton Univ US)

Vibronic coherence improves light harvesting.

Kristine Crous (Western Sydney Univ. AU)

How does the photosynthetic capacity of several Eucalyptus species acclimate to warming from warm and cool climates. 

13.55 - 14.20 

Deserah Strand (MPI-Golm, DE)

Reconsidering the redundancy hypothesis of cyclic electron flow.


James Hartwell (Univ. Liverpool UK)

Ground-truthing the biodesign of Crassulacean acid metabolism through functional genomics and transgenic approaches in Kalanchloë.

Paul Brumer (Univ. Toronto, CA)

Quantum coherences in photosynthetic light harvesting?

Francesco Loreto (CNR, IT)

Photosynthesis under pressure: the volatile armament protecting photosynthesis from stresses.

14.20 - 14.35 

Julian Eaton-Rye (Univ. Otag, NZ)

Targeted mutation of D2 amino acids residues associated with bicarbonate binding and the bicarbonate-dependent protonation of plastoquione B.

Isabel Abreu (TQB NOVA, PT)

New post-tranlational level regulation for key enzymes in maize C4 photosynthesis: PEPC, PPDK and NADP-ME.

Howe-Siang Tan (Nanyang TU, SG)

Studying the excitation energy transfer dynamics of LHCII complexes using 2D and 3D electronic spectroscopy.

Hesheng Yao (Shihezi Univ. CN)

Is diaheliotropic leaf movement a photoacclimation mechanism under soil water deficit?

14.35 - 14.50 

Sasha Rexroth (Ruhr-Univ. Bochum, DE)

Structural and functional characterisation of the regulatory subunit PetP from the cytochrome b6f complex in Thermosynechococcus elongatus.


Thomas Jan Wrobel (Düsseldorf Univ. DE)

Towards the genetic factors determining C4 specific development in the genus Flaveria.

Sara Massey(Univ. Chicago, US)

Delocalization and energy transfer dynamics in Rhodobacter sphaeroides from two-dimensional anisotrophy spectroscopy.

Chariloas Yiotis (UC Dublin, IE)

Breathing new air: Atmospheric change control of plant evolution.

14.50 - 15.05 

Geoffry David (MSI, US)

The electric field component of the proton motive force sensitizes Photosystem II to damage.


Steven Kelly (Univ. Oxford UK)

Neccessity is the mother of re-invention: the parallel evolution of C4 photosynthesis.

Bart van Oort (VU Amsterdam, NL)

Hidden electronic states in light-harvesting complex II.

Haim Treves (Hebrew Univ. Jeruzalem, IL)

Chlorella ohodii - The alga that never read the literature.

15.10 - 16.00 

Discussion: Electron and proton transfer in photosynthesis.


Discussion: C4 and CAM


Discussion: Excitation energy transfer and quantum effects in photosynthesis.


Discussion: Stress: ecophysiology and biodiversity.


16.00 - 16.30  Coffee break - Trajectum / Lobby
16.30 - 17.00   Room: Auditorium 1: Manajit Heyer-Hartl (Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, DE) Chaperone machineries in RuBisCO Biogenesis and Metabolic Repair
17.00 - 17.30   Room: Auditorium 1: Daniel G. Nocera (Harvard Univ. US) A complete artificial photosynthesis
17.30 - 19.00   Room: Expo Foyer: Poster viewing
21.00 - 24.00  Party


Wednesday 10 August 2016

09.00 - 09.30  Room: Auditorium 1: Winner of the Hill award: Nick Cox (ANU, AU & MPI, DE) Substrate binding and activation of Nature's water splitting catalyst
09.30 - 10.00  Room: Auditorium 1: Winner of the Calvin award: Andrew Leaky (Univ. of Illinois, US) Rising atmospheric (CO2) as a benefitt and a challenge to improving crop photosynthesis
10.00 - 12.30

Parallel Symposia

Session: Regulation of electron transfer and alternative electron transport pathways

Room: Auditorium 1
Chair/Discussion leader:
Anja Krieger (CNRS Saclay, FR)

Parallel Symposia

Session: Membrane ultrastructure and dynamics

Room: Auditorium 2
Chair/Discussion leader:
Gyozo Garab (BRC Szeged, HU)


Parallel Symposia

Session: Multiscale modeling of photosynthesis from thylakoid to canopy

Room: 0.4
Chair/Discussion leader:
Ulo Niinemets (Estonian Univ. Life Science, EE)


 Parallel Symposia

Session: CO2 concentration mechanisms of lower plants and (micro)algae

Room: 0.5
Chair/Discussion leader:
Cheryl Kerfeld (MSU, US)

10.00 - 10.25

Eva-Mari Aro (Turku Univ. FI)

Dynamics of Photosytem I and II in the thylakoid membrane.

Matt Johnson (Univ. Sheffield, UK)

Towards a structural understanding of state transitions in plants. 

Yin Xinyou (Wageningen UR, NL)

What has been learned from a generalised modeling of electron transport limited photosynthesis? 

Dean Price (ANU, AU)

The functioning of the cyanobacterial CO2 concentrating mechanism and progress of transplanting CCM components into C3 plants.

10.25 - 10.50

Toshiharu Shikanai (Kyoto Univ. JP)

Regulation of proton motive force in photosynthesis. 

Benjamin Engel (MPI Biochemistry, DE)

Native molecular landscape of the chloroplast. 

Berkley Walker (Hienrich Heine Univ. DE)

What are the current and future costs of photorespiration to crop production? 

Martin Jonikas (Carnegie IS, US)

A repeat protein links Rubisco to form the eukaryotic carbon concentrating organelle. 

10.50 - 11.05

Wojciech Nawrocki (CNRS Paris, FR)

The role of chlororespiration in chlamydomonas. 

Ryo Yokoyama (Kyoto Univ. JP)

Grana-localized proteins, RIQ1 and RIQ2, affect the dynamics of light-harvesting complex II and grana stacking in Arabidopsis. 

Andrew Ringsmuth (VU Amsterdam, NL)

Theoretically optimal light harvesting for scalable, maximal photosynthesis. 

Christopher Gee (UC Berkeley, US)

The carbonic anhydrase, CAH1, is an essential component of the carbon concentratiing mechanisms in the heterokont microalga, Nannochloropsis oceanica


11.05 - 11.20

Jessica Wiwczar (Yale Univ. US)

Divalent cations modulate QA electron transfer in Photosystem II. 

Dirk Schneider (Univ. Mainz, DE)

A membrane fusion protein inside chloroplasts and cyanobacteria. 


Nicolas Bambach-Ortiz (UC Davis, US)

A photosynthetic model of heat, water and photoinhibition stress in almond trees. 

Luning Liu (Univ. Liverpool, UK)

Light modulates the biosynthesis and organization of cyanobacterial carbon fixation machinery. 

11.20 - 11.35

Veronique Larosa (Univ. Padova, IT)

A mitochondrial mutation increases high light resistance in Chlamydomonas reindardtii.

Radek Kana (CAS, CZ)

Presence of heterogeneous microdomains in thylakoids of cyanobacteria.

Alejandro Morales Sierra (Wageningen UR, NL)

Modeling C3 photosynthesis under fluctuating light conditions at the leaf and canopy level.

Ondrei Prasil (CAS, CZ)

Inorganic carbon acquisition of Chromera velia.


11.40 - 12.30

Discussion Regulation of electron transfer and alternative electron transport pathways.


Discussion: Membrane ultrastrcture and dynamics


Discussion: Multiscale modeling of photosynthesis from thylakoid to canopy. Discussion: CO2 concentration mechanisms of lower plants and (micro)algae. 
12.30 - 13.30  Lunch break - Trajectum / Lobby
14.00  Social activities

Thursday 11 August 2016

08.30 - 09.00 Room: Auditorium 1: Andreas Weber (Hienricht Heine Univ. DE) Evolution and function of C4 photosynthesis. 
09.00 - 09.30 Room: Auditorium 1: David Kramer (Michigan State Univ. US) The Gamut of Photosynthesis: What can we learn when bridging the gaps between the lab and the world? 
09.30 - 10.00  Coffee brak - Trajectum / Lobby
10.00 - 12.30

Parallel Symposia

Session: Acclimation of the photosynthetic apparatus

Room: Auditorium 1 
Chair/Discussion leader:
Ayumi Tanaka (Hokkaido Univ. JP)


Parallel Symposia

Session: Photosynthesis and crop improvement

Room: Auditorium 2 
Chair/Discussion leader:
Don Ort (Univ. Illinois, US)

Parallel Symposia

Session: Metabolites and pathways 

Chair/Discussion leader:
Frank Ludewig (Univ. Erlangen-Nuremberg, DE)


Parallel Symposia

Session: Artificial photosynthesis

Room: 0.5 
Chair/Discussion leader:
Johannes Messinger (Umeå, Univ. SE)

10.00 - 10.25

Michael Hippler (Univ. Munster, DE)

Calredoxin - a novel calcium-dependent sensor-responder connected to regulation of photosynthesis. 


Lisa Ainsworth (USDA ARS, US)

Improving soybean photosynthesis: insights from 80 years of breeding. 

Hans-Henning Kunz (WSU, US)

Photosynthesis and chloroplast function under abiotic stress. 

Chunxi Zhang (Ins. Chemistry, CAS,CN)

Artificial Mn4Ca/Mn4Sr-cluster mimicking the oxygen-evolving center in photosynthesis. 

10.25 - 10.50

Giovanni Finazzi (CNRS Grenoble, FR)

Chloroplast tomography allows revisiting diatoms photosynthesis.


Elizabete Carmo-Silva (Lancaster Univ. UK

Improving CO2 assimilation in fluctuating environments.

Katrin Philippar (LMU Munich, DE)

Plastid fatty acid export and cellular metabolism.

Silviu Balaban (Univ. Aix Marseille, FR)

Biometric Light-Harvesting.

10.50 - 11.05

Yoshitaka Mishiyama (Saitama Univ. JP)

Redox regulation of the repair of photosystem II under photoinhibition.


Congming Lu (Ist. Botany, CAS, CN)

Enhanced sucrose loading improves rice yield by increasing grain size. 

Tasios Melis (UC Berkeley, US)

Photosynthesis-driven fuel and chemicals production. 

Gábor Méhes (Linköping Univ. SE)

E-Plant Technology and its potential for solar energy harvesting. 

11.05 - 11.20

Patricja Haniewicz (Warsaw Univ. PL)

Molecular mechanisms of photoprotection in highly robust PSI-LHCI supercomplex from an extremophilic red alga Cyanidoschyzon merolae.


Ana Karla Lobo (Fed. Univ. Ceara, BR)

Increasing RuBisCo efficiency by overexpression of ca1pase in wheat. 

Alena Prusova (Wageningen UR, NL)

Source strenght manipulation in tomato changes phloem volume flow, but not flow velocity. 

Jessica de Ruiter (Leiden Univ. NL)

A closed system approach for the in-depth investigation of catalytic steps, as illustrated by a copper based water oxidation catalyst. 

11.20 - 11.35

Mikko Tikkanen (Turku Univ. FI)

Photoinhibition of PSI and PSII as regulatory mechanisms of photosynthetic energy transduction. 


Johannes Kromdijk (Univ. Illinois, US)

Plants engineered to have faster relaxation of non-photochemical quenching show increased photosynth

Yao-Pin Lin (Academia Sinica, TW)

Idenfitication of a novel chlorophyll depthtylase involved in chlorophyll turnover and thermotolerance in Arabidobsis. 

Adriano Monti (UC London, UK)

A dynamic view of proton-coupled electron transfer in photocatalytic water splitting. 

11.40 - 12.30

Discussion: Acclimation of the photosynthetic apparatus.


Discussion: Photosynthesis and crop improvement.


Discussion: Metabolites and pathways.


Discussion: Artificial photosynthesis.


12.30 - 13.30 Lunch break - Trajectum / Lobby
13.30 - 16.00 Room: Expo Foyer: Poster viewing & Auditorium 1: ISPR session, inclusing ISPR announcements & the Frabrice Rappaport lecture give by Angela Falciatore. 
16.00 - 16.30
Coffee break - Trajectum / Lobby 
16.30 - 17.00 Room: Auditorium 1: Jennifer McElwain (UC Dublin, IE) Palaeo-ecophysiology and atmospheric change over the past 400 milion years. 
17.00 - 17.30 Room: Auditorium 1: Jian-Ren Shen (Okayama Univ. JP) Structural biology of photosynthetic systems. 
17.30 - 19.00 Room: Expo Foyer: Poster viewing 
19.30 - 23.30 Conference Dinner 


Friday 12 August 2016

09.00 - 09.30  Poster Prizes
09.30 - 10.00  Coffee break - Trajectum / Lobby
10.00 - 12.30

Parallel Symposia

Session: Reaction centers

Room: Auditorium 1 
Chair/Duscussion leader:
John Golbeck (Penn State Univ. US)


Parallel Symposia

Session: Chloroplast to nucleus signalling

Room: 0.2/0.3 
Chair/Duscussion leader:
Shizue Matsubara (Forschungsz. Jülich, DE)


Parallel Symposia

Session: Photosynthesis in natural ecosystems

Room: 0.4 
Chair/Duscussion leader:
Paul Falkowski (Rutgers Univ. US)


Parallel Symposia

Session: Biofuel, microbes and cell factories

Room: 0.5 
Chair/Duscussion leader:
Wim Vermaas (ASU, Tempe, US)

10.00 - 10.25

Junko Yano (Lawrence Berkeley Nat. Lab, US)

Taking snapshots of water oxidation reaction in photosystem II with X-ray chrystallography and X-ray spectroscopy.


Karin Kruoinska (Christian-Albrechts-Univ., Kiel, DE)

Chloroplast stability during high light depends on WHIRLY1 mediated biogenesis of microRNA. 

Nir Keren (Hebrew Univ. Jerusalem, IL)

Control over photosynthetic energy transfer by rearrangements of its basic building blocks.

Shota Atsumi (UC David, US)

Global metaboli rewring of an obligate photoautotrophic for production of chemicals under dirunal light conditions.

10.25 - 10.50

Leonas Valkunas (Vilnius Univ. LT)

Role of coherent vibrations in photosynthesis.


Kai Xun Chan (ANU, AU)

Learning the language of the chloroplast: how chloroplasts can sense oxidative stress and regulate stomatal function. 


Michael Kühl(Univ. Copenhagen, DK)

Microenvironmental aspects of photosynthesis.

Klaas Hellingwerf (Univ. Amsterdam, NL)

Cyanobacterial cell factories of 'direct conversion' of CO2 into commodity products.

10.50 - 11.05

Pavel Maly (VU Amsterdam, NL)

Single-molecule spectroscopy observes dynamic disorder in YM210W mutant reaction centers of purple bacteria.


Haruhiko Jimbo (Saitama Univ. JP)

A role of mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signalling in accumulation of photosystem II in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Joseph Stinziano (Univ. Western Ontario, CA)

Temperature controls timing of autumn decline in photosynthetic capacity but photoperiod controls timing of growth in a boreal conifer. 


Noam Adir (Technion, IL)

Utilizing photosynthetic complexes for solar energy conversion: Building a Bio-generator. 

11.05 - 11.20

Ivan Proskurykov (IBBP, PPushchino, RU)

A "new" mechanism of chlorophyll triplet state quenching.


Peter Gollan (Turku Univ. FI)

Thylakoid membrane proton gradient is important for enzymatic lipid peroxidation and oxylipin signalling in Arabidopsis thaliana.


Steffen Grebe (Urku Univ. FL)

Photosynthetic characteristics of evergreen confifers. 

Masahiko Ikeuchi (Univ. Tokyo, JP)

Improving the photosynthetic biomass production in cyanobacteria.

11.20 - 11.35

Christopher Gisriel (ASU, US)

Characterization and crystallization of the photosynthetic reaction center in heliobacteria. 

Matthew Terry (Univ. Southhampton, UK)

Testigng the hypothesis that heme is a promotive retrograde signal in Arabidopsis. 


Ismael Moya (CNRS Palaiseau, FR)

A simple micro-lidar for vegetation monitoring.

Marcel Janssen (Wageningen Ur, NL)

Microalgal antenna size reduction - implications for mass culture.

11.40 - 12.30

Discussion: Reaction centers. 


Discussion: Chloroplast to nucleus signaling. 


Discussion: Photosynthesis in natural ecosystems. 

Discussion: Biofuel, microbes and cell factories. 


12.30 - 13.30  Room: Auditorium 1: Closing ceremony and announcement next conference