Congress topics

Room 1

Light harvesting

Regulation of light harvesting

Reaction centers

Water oxidation

Basic mechanisms of electron and proton transfer

Regulation of electron and proton transfer

Membrane dynamics

Assembly and organization of the photosynthetic apparatus


Room 2

CO2 diffusion and transport

Rubisco and photorespiration

Regulation of dark reactions in C3 systems

C4 and CAM

CO2 concentration mechanisms of lower plants and algae

Photosynthesis in silico – modeling the machine

Metabolite transport

Assimilate use, transport and partitioning


Room 3

Engineering photosynthesis for food and fuel

The limits to photosynthetic performance

Photosynthetic phenomics/phenotyping

Biofuels, algae and cell factories

Photosynthesis and Crop Yield Improvement

Photosynthesis at the large scale; Canopy and remote sensing

Modeling  Photosynthesis – from leaves to canopies and ecosystems

Photosynthesis in a changing global environment 


Room 4

Chloroplast development and biogenesis of the photosynthetic apparatus

Evolution of photosynthesis

Mimicking photosynthetic catalysis

Biohybrid systems

Artificial photosynthesis

Photosynthesis and Education

New and notable

To be announced